01x01 - The Egyptians

01x02 - The Pirates

Every afternoon Markus and its turtle Koti go to the abandoned library of the field to discover new books.
This time, Koti doesn't try to leave the shoebox, as it had done previously, but it is sitting as on board of a boat.
In the meanwhile, Markus explores a shelf that had not seen yet, and in that moment, the turtle, which is playing at being a captain, makes a gesture to indicate that she has seen land. Markus realize that his pet is pointing to one of the books and he decides to grab it. Its title: "Pirates of the seven seas". He opens the book and enter into the world of drawings. A narrator tells the story of where the pirates comes from, which were the most famous captains, the features and the treasures they were seeking. Quite an adventure.
After the story, Markus tells to Koti that he really enjoyed with that story and Koti, very excited, gets inside its shell to find something. Markus looks surprised, waiting. After a second the shell of the turtle does a somersault and lands dressed up. This time the turtle is wearing a pirate eye covered with a wooden leg, a hook and a sword in its hand. Starts to move with the sword as if a lot of skill, but it is not. The eye covered it difficult to know where steps leading, and the hat is so large that begin to slide until it cover the other eye. In a second it stumbles because the false leg and it falls down from the table. Markus, frightened and worried, pull his head to see if Koti is ok, and he see that it clings to the edge of the table with a hook, holding the sword with its teeth and a forced smile.

 01x03 - The Olympic Games 

Once in the library, Markus seeks to discover a new book and Koti decides to leave the shoebox doing jumps. The boy wanted to grab a book that was on top of a shelf, but it was too much high. The turtle can not stop jumping but always lands in the shoebox because it don't have enough strength and realize that it has moved a few centimeters. Meanwhile, Markus is climbing the shelves. Koti advances the shoebox doing small jumps, like a sack race until it reaches the end of the table and makes a big jump. The shoebox falls to the ground but it clings to the edge of the table with his claws. Markus is distracted by looking at what happened, the shelf moves and a few books fall to the ground. Koti jumps pushing with the hands and feet with a cartwheel down on the table and Markus reads one of the titles of the fallen books: The Olympic Games. Open the book and enter into the world of drawings. The narrator tells us where the Olympics were born, what were the tests that were done and what are the records of athletics, long jump, swimming, etc.. We also know why it hapens every 4 years and is a worldwide event.
Once Markus closes the book, Koti gets inside the shell and get dressed athlete: Place a jumping fences and begins to run on, but one of the legs stucks and stumbles. Markus is shot but he gets a medal and smiles.

01x04 - The Universe 

Markus has discovered a shelf full of astronomy books, but he wonders what is astronomy? Meanwhile Koti makes it playing with the shoebox, but this time it does is get comfortable, as if sunbathing. Markus does not know which book to take: The solar system planets, constellations and the cosmos, the universe ... Hummm, maybe this book will explain a little of everything, space travel, man on the moon, planets, etc ...
Markus teaches the book to Koti, which had remained dormant. It wakes suddenly, and we travel inside the book.
After we found out the man who has made discoveries about the universe Markus has been faced reflection. They are a lot of questions to ask, but all remain unanswered, who we are, where we come from? Koti, as always, gets inside the shell and this time comes disguised as an astronaut. It drew attention that there is no gravity in space and begins to slow motion, as if floating. Markus looks with curiosity and concern that is about to fall off the table. The turtle loses balance. Markus is about to catch it. But it falls off the table. Disappears a few seconds, but it turns flying with engines that are glued to the shell and lands on the table. Buff! says Koti and Markus.

01x05 - The Dinosaurs


01x06 - The Superheroes


01x07 - The Circus


01x08 - The Weather


01x09 - The Cinema


01x10 - The North Pole


01x11 - The Roman Empire


01x12 - The Inventors


01x13 - The Prehistoric age



- The Human Body
- How to care for the Earth
- Fantasy
- Flying devices
- The computer games
- The indians and the far West
- The great discoverers
- The Engineers
- The Wheel
- The Medieval age
- Future or Science Fiction?
- The Wars
- Fashion
- The Music
- The Theather
- The Maya Empire
- The Animation

   etc... etc...


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